How Does DD Work With Large Terrain Level Variations

There are large tracks of vineyards where I intend on market, but few of them are on level terrain. In fact, many are on hillsides.

How does DD work with terrain that may vary a couple of hundred feet MSL within the intended flight plan? Of course, it’s easy to determine a safe altitude to clear terrain and obstacles at the highest point, but the field of view, or area encompassed by individual photos, will vary significantly.

So, how does DD deal with mapping a mission that may be 100" MSL at one end and 300’ MSL at the other end of the mission?

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This has been discussed before and it is something the DD guys are working on. They already have the altitude in mission planning and are looking at terrain following options. I’m sure they can elaborate. We are looking for similar ability both for field mapping on steep terrain but also cliff and quarry / open Mining surveys which can go as far as 1000’ difference in extreme cases.

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We are planning terrain following in the future. If you have an area that varies by a lot I might suggest doing multiple flights for now.

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How do you merge multiple flights

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We are planning to add this to the UI at some point, but for now just give us the flight IDs and let us know through


Dies this merge multiple flights have been implemented?

Hi @mdelatorre,

Merging multiple flights is not a feature at this time.