Mission, map plan changes are not executed in the flight

When I’m on site I sometimes change the settings in the mission planner. I might turn manual focus off or on, change the altitude or something else.
Sometimes when I make these changes while at the site the changes do not take effect.

Apparently it takes some time for the changes to go from the tablet, to the cloud and back down. Is there any way to know when changes to the mission plan have been updated and will be executed?

This issue has caused me big problems when I took off with my last battery or the last light of the day but the mission wasn’t executed properly ![:slightly_frowning_face:|


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I have seen the same thing. I am not exactly sure what the intended workflow is as I had never seen it happen until v4.19. Do you know what version you were on the last time this happened. I just updated to v4.22 yesterday and will be running it today. Hopefully they fixed the multi-battery precision return as well!


Hi MichaeIL,
I just checked the version. I have v4.19
I dont usually like updating to the latest version right away but in this case it might make sense to update like you did.

Speaking of the battery return issue, that caught me off guard last time I went out. I kept waiting for DD to decide to come home for another battery and eventually DJI auto land kicked in.
I moved it to a safe LZ and there wasnt any real problem but I was suprised, not in a good way :frowning:

I guess I’ll go update and hope that the new version works better…

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Hey Bob!

If there continues to be issues after you update the app to 4.22, feel free to reach out to the support team at support@dronedeploy.com. The team can take a look at your flight logs and escalate to our engineers if needed. We are here to help whenever you need us!

Thanks and stay safe!

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