Mission exceeds maximum radius set in DJI Go

Anyone seeing this error on every mapping flight lately?? Typically if I hit the “X” and reset the mission it will then work but I’m getting this error constantly now with the P4P v2 and M2P. We’ve had a handful of cases where we were not able to continue a mission after a battery swap because of this error.

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I saw that a lot when working near a high powered radar facility which would occasionally interfere with coms between drone and base even at close range. I switched from 2.4 GHz to 4.8 GHz and all was well.


Interesting. In our case it is not location specific, seeing it all over NC/SC with all flavors of DJI drones.

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This warning pops up for me every single time.

Fortunately, resetting the flight plan has worked every time

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