Plan Start Failed: Over maximum flight radius

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About a week ago I received a replacement DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 and ever since I’ve been having an issue. I don’t know if this is directly related or not as a friend of mine is having a smiliar issue, but here goes.

Recently what is happening is I get onsite, open DJI 4, confirm everything looks good, then switch over the DroneDeploy. The first battery runs flawlessly. After I land and change out batteries I click “Continue Mission” in DD and eventually it will display “Plan Start Failed: Over maximum flight radius.” I re-open DJI to “kick it” and verify that flight radius restriction is disabled, go back to DD, and the app seems to reset the entire map wanting to start again at the original takeoff point (as opposed to continuing the mission).

To get around this I need to modify the flight plan to exclude areas already captured. Once I modify I can then again take off, but after swapping out the battery each subsequent time I have the same issue and have to load DJI, back to DD, remove the flown region from the flight plan, and then take off again.

I know that yesterday there was an update to DD Flight to use the newer DJI SDK, so wondering if that is the issue.

I’m going to play around with it a bit to see if I can find a workaround, but this is very problematic with 10+ battery missions.

I did check:

No max flight radius (disabled box) but also tried 8000m as maximum flight radius with no success.
Verified that max height was okay.
Beginner mode is off.
Airspace is clear.

Thanks in advance!



I’ve occasionally had this problem too (same drone) when I’ve maybe flown too far away from the controller - mission with 10+ batteries could be a very large area. Flying near power lines has also caused some problems, sometimes very hard to avoid with limited access on back roads.

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I am having the same problem with my Mavic 2 Pro. My fix has been to restart the iPad. It happens to me between missions on the same battery and on any mission requiring a battery change. I haven’t had this problem on multiple battery missions previously but I hadn’t flown since last fall. I did a firmware update on the Mavic after the problem began, but this didn’t resolve the issue. Your description points to a DD issue.

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I flew this morning after installing 2 updates since posting this and I was able to resume the mission after the battery swap. The process worked and the stand count data was generated at edge of field as expected. I don’t know if this thread had anything to do with it, but thanks to everyone that corrected the problem.


I was starting to get “Plan Start Failed” on battery swaps recently myself. Only I got a generic failure reason, didn’t say anything about maximum flight radius. When I did actually get that message it would be the first attempted flight on a big job. 1st time that happened, I just moved to the center of the property. 2nd time it happened I shut off the flight radius restriction too. On the 5th attempted battery change I got the plan start failure. Didn’t get back to job sight until 2 days later and first it wanted me to start the flight from scratch, and after a couple of “turn things off and back on” again it put me back to where I left off but still had hiccups getting off the ground. Finally when I put it exactly back on its original launch location it took off and flew flawlessly for 3 more battery changes and finished the mission. Thought because it was still fixed on the original home location I had solved it. . . Then I started new jobs last week. First site it NEVER left the ground. It was end of day Friday, GPS had been working funky all day too, so I just called it quits. Came back in Monday, gave it a quick test flight over the office, no problem. Go to one of the two new sites and flies fine until the battery change. Find this discussion forum and went into DJI GO 4 and turned the radius limits back on, extending the range out to 1800’. I just carried out 4 “battery swaps” in the office parking lot. Got the drone into the air, called it back, swapped the battery and had successful lift off again every time. I have no idea if this actually solves it yet. This morning I thought what ever was ailing it was over too, but easy enough to try.

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I started a new thread on this as I did not see this one, but yeah I got this one on Saturday.
I am pretty sure what happening as it is looking at the total length of the map path and comparing that to the max flight radius, which is of course wrong.
So I did preflight again and it works but cut the map in half.
It did fly the mission on each battery it extended the map, but I wasted a lot of time…

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I get this error that the mission exceeds to max distance set in DJI GO, even though it does not.
I have 5000m set in DJI GO, and the furthest point in the mission a about 2500ft.
So get this issue and then do preflight again and it truncates the map and lets the mission start.
On the next battery it will add more to the mission and continue it.
I am pretty sure what is happening is that it is calculating the path length of the Maps “lawn mower” flight path and comparing that which is, of course, wrong. The max distance is meant to be how far away.
Drone: M2P
DD IOS: 4.107.0
DJI GO 4: 4.3.50

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Those who are getting this error: check your DJI GO settings to be sure you are not in beginner mode or otherwise have your max radius set too low.

Also try waiting until the drone has acquired 10 satellites before starting the pre-flight checks. If you are powering up and going immediately into pre-flight checks, you may encounter the flight radius glitch, and it will appear intermittent because it only happens under the right circumstances when DroneDeploy is making that particular automated check at the same time that the drone thinks it has a successful GPS connection but it momentarily hasn’t updated its location from the default coords: 0.000 N, 0.000 E (D=millions of feet). If you get the error, it will not clear until you cancel and redo the pre-flight checks. (Restarting your iPad would have the same effect.)


100% checked that in DJI GO several times.
Note that in the mission I was over 2500ft away.
Again, the bug is the code is comparing the path length of the map to the max distance set.
I know this because on each battery swap it revealed more of the map and did eventually complete the mission. So as the path length got shorted (because of the completed parts) it extended the mission,.
It’s is not intermittent for me, happens every time. The GPS had 17 satellites. I waited and tried again (and again).
I passes the check the second time because it cuts down the map so the path length of the map is smaller.
Hear me now, believe me later. :slight_smile:


FYI - still not fixed…