Mavic 3E RTK with Dronedeploy not connecting to RTK network

I am having trouble getting the RTK to connect in DD.

DroneDeploy released access to their own RTK network that is nationwide. I tried to use it and drone is stuck at “connecting to RTK network”. I tried leaving drone for 20 minutes several times. I also paid for the NC RTK network and this network has had luck at this location in Pilot 2 app. It also is very finicky and only connects when the stars align! I checked the MAP in the press release and I am in a bright green coverage sphere.

Anyone else try the DD RTK network yet?


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Ok, further testing revealed the following, at my location the RTK signal is weak on the ground. In the DJI Pilot 2 app it allows you to initialize RTK while hovering, if I put the drone 200ft up in the air, it is able to obtain an RTK lock almost instantly. On the ground it is very very finicky and a real headache. I tested disabling and reenabling on ground and does not lock, but in air it connects. Once RTK is connected the drone can land and does not lose RTK signal. I think dronedeploy needs to allow us to do a RTK hover lock or else what is the point. So many launch sites will have poor RTK at ground level!

Keep in mind that data connections and radio signal have a lot to do with RTK connections on drones as well. If you have a high latency or jitter you will likely experience problems above and beyond satellite health, multipath and ionospheric interference.

A few things to think about,

  1. What is my network speed?
  2. What is my latency (ping) and jitter? (You can obtain these at
  3. Did you have at least 5-7 satellites on all constellations?
  4. Were any of the constellations bouncing?
  5. What are my standard deviations?

Unfortunately Pilot 2 doesn’t supply SnR, HDOP or PDOP values which are actually the most useful when troubleshooting problems obtaining a fix so there’s only so much you can do. The other thing I have requested on the drone side is the ability to cut dirty constellations. Beidou and GLONASS are documented to have trouble in our area at times but unfortunately without those other statistics there is no way to tell if that is actually a problem on a drone.

I guess my issue is more about function. I know that I can get an RTK lock no issues and immediately 100-200ft up where the mapping occurs anyway. Getting an RTK lock on the ground next to metal or in a bowl is problematic. Never get RTK lock, or get immediate and perfect RTK lock instantly.

Now you can start to understand why GPS receivers are mounted on tripods and poles and why some of us have issues with aeropoints collecting data on the ground. Regardless, data is usually the main culprit. I flew of a job yesterday that would not allow me to get a fix from the network so I set up my local base and fixed within 30 seconds. There’s no way I can rely on the “DroneDeploy network” in my area.

The rtk is so sensitive, if i hover my hand over the tophat for a second it breaks the data link.

We’ve been having issues and testing this ourselves.

DroneDeploy uses a 3rd party RTK network with very limited base stations on a national level.
We were able to connect to this network using the DJI App but not the DroneDeploy app.
After running our results past their engineers, they seem to think its an issue with the DD algorithm.

As far as accuracy goes, we got the best results using the NC state network and the new PPK beta-testing which were near-GCP level of accuracy.

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Right now, I am getting a greyed out RTK icon. I have confirmed internet connection and selected on in the DJI Pilot 2 app. Any thoughts on what i could be missing?

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I flew the same setup a couple of days ago and only 2 of the 5 batteries actually entered a fixed state. When using NTRIP with cellular data you can run into this even if you show 4-5 bars due to latency and jitter. Not to mention everything that has to go right on the software side. Make sure that you 1) Boot the RC, 2) Close Pilot 2 and 3) Turn on the drone and let it sit for 2-3 minutes before you start the checklist.

This is the exact reason why I continue to fly with Pilot 2 and local NTRIP unless mandated like it was on this past flight. In the 3 years that I started using local NTRIP I have never had an issue achieving a fixed state nor has it ever dropped. I would have flown it on the last flight but the flight required the perimeter portion of Enhanced 3D and I couldn’t get the Pilot 2 waypoint mission to emulate that.

Are you able to activate onboard RTK NTRIP on the M3E while on the Individual plan of DroneDeploy or do you have to have Advanced?

Nothing against Pilot 2 but i do enjoy the convenience of mission planning on PC (DD) over RC just bummed they don’t offer on Individual plan. Any advice?

For RTK you have to have an Advanced, Teams, or Enterprise account.

I plan for Pilot 2 on DJI FlightHub 2 for now. We’ll see how much it cost once they start charging.

So if I were to enable network RTK on pilot 2 then closed out to fly a DD mission will that deactivate RTK on the DD mission?

Thank you Michael

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You will stop receiving corrections from Pilot 2 and DroneDeploy will throw a GPS error. You can only fly RTK with their network which requires a subscription.

That’s super lame of DroneDeploy. Especially since I’ve heard their RTK network isn’t that great.

Is there a way of exporting a mission I planned on DroneDeploy as a KML that I can import to pilot 2?

Not that I have found. If I needed to go that route I would just export a lower resolution ortho like 8in/px (which I think comes with a KML) and put it in Google Earth to generate a new polygon.

I would love to see PPK logs from a local base and/or running the RTK from a local base or other RTK network service would be nice but we’ll just have to see…

Is Litchi the only way to mission plan on desktop to crossover/upload offline maps to pilot 2?

I have been planning on DJI FlightHub 2 for now. I don’t know how much longer it will remain free but I think it works great.

Awesome, I will give it a whirl. Thank you Michael for all your valuable knowledge and insight! This forum is lucky to have you.

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