Mavic 3E flight path not loading after preflight check

Hey all, hoping someone can help tell me what I am doing wrong.

I just got hold of my new Mavic 3E (after using DD with a Mavic 2 Pro + iPad for a few years and 20+ projects).

I have loaded DD onto the controller and it seems to have installed fine.

I open up a project and can see the flight path dotted lines on the aerial image preview.

I initiate the preflight checklist, which all passes, but as that is happening I notice most of the flight path dotted lines disappear leaving only the path from the home point to the start of the flight grid. And when I start flight, it just flys up to height, across to the starting corner, hovers for a second or two, and then flys back to the homeport and lands.

Am I doing something wrong is it is a glitch in the system?

have checked is the latest version of DD and firmware on the Mavic and the controller is up to date.

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OK, so one insight I just realised is that I believe the flight plan path should not have been a dotted line?

I just drew a new flight area inside the DJI controller on DD and it noted the path with a solid blue line and seemed to fly the path and capture photos ok.

But then I noticed if I tried to load another old Map Plan in that same project, it would show the flight path, but that again, a glitch occurs when I do the pre-flight checklist - that new path disappears and it loads the other paths (the one I drew in the Controller app earlier).

So it seems like DD in the Mavic 3E app doesn’t really like loading existing flight paths, unless that had been created/drawn inside the controller app? Far from ideal as it is pretty difficult to create projects in the controller compared to on a laptop through the web portal

anyone have similar issues?

I had problems as well but did not recognize any difference in the lines. I’ll check that next time. I too had an existing plan (planned on the web) fail and one done on the RC complete successfully.

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