Mavic 3 Support

Hello, please tell me if Mavic 3 is supported, I have Mavic 2, I have been working in this program for a long time, and I would not like to change anything after buying Mavic 3. Thank you


I have change your topic and title to make this the official thread following the build to Mavic 3 support. It will be at least 3 months and more likely longer than that before DJI releases the mSDK to allow for waypoints. If you look at the threads for the Mavic Air 2, Mini 2 and Air 2S you will see what has to happen before DroneDeploy can even get started.

Estou ansioso para começar a usar DD no meu mavic 3… de fato, meu drone está parado sem funcionalidade para minha pratica de mapeamento.

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I’m reading this thread for the first time as I’m curious about Mavic 3 support for photomosaic creation, flight plans, etc., for agriculture as my Mavic 2 Pro was. The original question was asked in March, with a response of “at least three months”.

As we head into September, the “Supported Drones” page on DD’s site does not yet include the Mavic 3. Have you heard anything?

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Yep, nothing’s really changed. We know that the Mini 3 Pro and Mavic 3 are on a completely new firmware version and I don’t see any chatter on the developer site either.

Is Mavic 3 still not working with drone deploy? Any alternative apps or mapping software recommends until this is fixed? Any idea when it will be resolved?