Matrice M30T Support - Thermal Capability - When?

Does anyone know if there is support for the new M30T, or when it may come out?

Looking to buy a thermal capable drone for inspection and mapping. Have considered the M300 with a camera, however, with the M30 coming out, I’m kinda concerned that the M300 will potentially become obsolete.

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FYI DJI states in their FAQ that the M30 or M30T is not for mapping. I was really hoping it would have been. I have since decided to look at the M300 which isn’t nearly as old as the PH4. The M300 however is not supported natively by DroneDeploy. So you will have to map the area then select 3rd party camera and import/process. I am inbetween getting the Zenmuse P1 and the L1. Both have mechanical shutters.

Does the M30 series support accurate mapping?

Not supported. TheM30 series is not designed for aerial surveying. Users can plan a flight path and capture photos in the aerial FPV mode of DJI Pilot 2.0 App, but the model’s accuracy is not guaranteed.

Have now mapped the same area using Mavic 2 Zoom and Matrice M30T (and then reflown for thermal) as a side by side comparison, the data from cameras when processed by DD is with in 1%. So, itll do it.

Any experience with 3D mapping with the M30T. Also, are you utilizing the DJI pilot app? Looking to add thermal capabilities to my portfolio.


WNCPropInspections - I’ve done approximately 10 maps with it so far. It’s easy as. I was using the Pilot 2 app which gives you the option of what camera you take the map with (or cameras, so you can map thermal and wide camera at the same time) as you are planning your mapping route.

I have mapped day time using wide and “low light” conditions using IR.

Side by side comparison of thermal to IR after loading up to DD is the same.

My only suggestion would be to slow down the flight speed to approximately 6m/s as the images were slightly blurry.

I’ve also tried the oblique mapping on the DJI app. Its good, but there is often little bits missing from the picture, so I will have to have a play around with it a bit and see what I can get out of it.