Can I create 3D thermal models with DroneDeploy?

Hey guys, I just bought the Matrice 300 RTK with P1 and XT2 for my university lab. Is it possible to create 3d thermal models with dronedeploy? in otherworlds overlay the heatmaps on top of the 3d model (example pic below)

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I don’t think they support the 300RTK yet, but you can bet it’s coming. @Andrew_Fraser ? When they do then yes you can!

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@MichaelL We’re finishing up a DJI SDK update that will allow us to release flight support for M300. Currently expecting end of April.

@raniat123 We currently support data processed by those sensors. I’ve seen some beautiful data sets on DroneDeploy. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team for assistance!

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@Andrew_Fraser this is exciting, can’t wait for the official release!

@MichaelL I’m also planning on getting the Mavic 2 Dual Enterprise. So based on your reply, I’m guessing I can create 3D thermal maps using the Mavic and droneploy. am I right?

As long as the thermal is radiometric, but DroneDeploy does not show the radiometric as compatible. Either there are two version with one being non-radiometric or I am seeing conflicting details.

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I don’t believe the Mavic dual’s thermal camera is supported, last I checked. A colleague getting started with thermal has found the resolution provided by the dual to be insufficient for commercial uses


Does drone deploy support the thermal images produced by the H20T? Does anybody have a thermal 3d model created with drone deploy they would be willing to share?

@Andrew_Fraser where’s that support huh? All these issues with the app clearly documented and not even a statement or revert to previous version? The new app update that toom over a year to release should be removed from Google Play Store until its safe to fly with.
As for thermal 3D, I ran the 300 with xt2 last week over a big box store and the model interestingly showed huge dips in the roof that clearly were not there. As if the altitude data just disappeared for a couple separate minutes out of a 30+ minute map. Still a neat model but not sure the value. Changing the gimbal angle to 65-75 would have helped. Pretty sure FLIR says the best angle for thermal is not NADIR but I may be remembering that wrong.

I think we’ve gotten to the point that they would prefer we push everything to official support. I wish they did have a real presence on here but they obviously have a different way they would like to handle it. That’s pretty much why I took over the forum and help as much as I can but at the end of the day when it can’t get answered here or things get bad enough it needs to be emailed. We could definitely use a couple more experienced pilots chipping in though.

This is my attempt to get more pilots to email support.
I have been emailing with support almost every other day and although they say that they are handling it, I do not believe they are handling it with the urgency necessary. The dangers that I have experienced could have caused expensive insurance claims with a fresh or less experienced user.
I find the excuse of no data logs no issue to be sticking their heads in the sand, and when they claim they cannot accept DAT files and that only DJI can view them, I find that insulting because if they cared about these dangerous issues, they would have either pulled the update from the app store or read the DAT files the way many other pilots have every day.
Hopefully with more pilots seeing that they are not alone, they will speak up and email support so that we can “light a fire under their butt.”

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The most frustrating thing about allot of these bugs and the mitigation process is that they claim extensive testing before pushing new releases to the public but there no longer appears to be a public beta effort. Then when something does go wrong and they are “unable to reproduce it” we end up suffering. I have seen many software companies go down this path with poor results. DroneDeploy has always had the best support of their class and was a big part in why I chose them for our company so it is hard to hear about sour cases continually growing. Especially when some of these bugs are dangerous.

Our firm was thinking about purchasing the H20T for our m300, but sounds like we should wait until the bugs are worked out with DD. I have inquired with DD via email to see if it was supported, but have not heard back. Also, My chat functions on my DD dashboard have said “chat support is loading” for a month now on all my devices, anybody else still have chat support?

We are only interested in processing the data with DD not the flight mapping.

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