Matrice 300

DD mission planned and when you get to the pre flight check it says it failed the photo test. Asks for restart and you do it but it fails again. If you choose launch anyway your drone will launch and go to take the first photo and failed and just come back and land.


Anyone else run into this?

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Hi @Mark_Lyon,

Looks like we have handled this request over on ticket #1714174. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues with the M300.

Good morning! So I’m interested in uploading thermal maps for analysis also. What monthly program do I need to be on I’m a single person company and I plan on doing a couple 3D models and scans per month. One survey could be as much as 1000 images like I just did on my trial.

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Hey Mark,

Thermal imagery (standard non-radiometric) can be processed on any DroneDeploy plan.
You can find more information on required hardware and best practices here: Thermal Mapping