Thermal Inspections


A client has asked me if I can provide more detailed roof inspections in addition to the site maps I am already doing; particularly around water retention and heat loss. Can you help me to understand how Drone Deploy could help me with this please? I am currently using a Mavic 2 Pro, would I need to invest in a different drone that has thermal capabilities?

Thanks Daniel

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We’re also looking at thermal capability, you’re going to need to get a separate drone for that. The Mavic Enterprize Advanced I think is the cheapest option, or if you want something more significant you’re going to have to look at the Matrice models. I’m still not completely sure on the compatibility, I think the enterprize is good to go however the Matrice 300 can potentially only do automatic flights running off an iOS device.

We have been looking at this for a while, I am hoping that the New M30 will be usable in DroneDeply soon? I have looked into using thermal cams on mavicpro 2 also but its not compatable with DD, but does give thermal direct inspection.

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