Maps being "Improved"

Since the update to the app last week, I’m now getting emails that say my map that processed may have been low quality and is being improved. Would there be a way to check a box at upload to say it’s a mid/late season crop that is homogeneous and will need to be run through better processing from the beginning. I uploaded 2 of these maps 8 hours ago and got the email for it being improved. I don’t see why 8 hours should be wasted if the user already knows it’s a crop that needs the better level of processing.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for the feedback. That is indeed the direction we will be heading, we are working on improvements to the Map Engine UI that will allow for this. We also wanted to get the improvements to processing out as soon as possible so that growers could benefit from them this season. I know the extra waiting time isn’t ideal, hopefully getting an improved result (albeit slower) is still somewhat useful.