Processed Map has now disappeared

A mission I uploaded and was notified had been processed has now changed its status to upload images again. It was available yesterday. I cannot now upload the the mission again. After selection it tells me no images have been selected. If I start a new map engine upload for the same images it stalls.

Which mission is this? We are looking into it.

Thanks the mission has now reappeared and I guess it was related to the server issues you were encountering. I really like your structure stitching. It really works with the forest mapping I am doing. I am doing demonstration work for botanists who want to know species composition in the forest and they are very impressed. It clearly delineates individual trees. I am super impressed with your whole system although I can see it has some bugs to fix. One issue is that I am getting holes in the stitch where I suspect trees are sticking up too much. Is this an issue you are aware of? You can see it in the mission Catacol iOS Test I uploaded. Is there a work around the issue?

For forests, we usually recommend higher overlap and flying higher than other sites- they’re both dense and homogenous, and therefore particularly hard to stitch. We’re improving this from our end as well, but those factors do help.