Processing time over 24 hours?

I uploaded a map yesterday at around 7 pm it is now 7 pm the next day. The map said 8 hours when it started, and still says 8 hours. is this common? I saw the other similar posts. I’m on the trial pro membership, This would be a real problem if it was for a client, because now I can’t add to the map like I expected to be able to today. And is there really no phone support until you buy an “enterprise membership” that seems a little crazy for a product that is 100 + bucks a month and meant for professional use. I’m not bashing you guys its some amazing software but just seems odd to me. is the account email.


I responded to your email with techniques and tips to reduce your processing time. In your case, I advise disabling 3D Mode since the area of interest is large and mostly terrain. I hope the information I provided is helpful to you and improves your experience with us! Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


you did ! thanks for the help.

You might use the Chat feature on the desktop website or in the app.

Processing time is a function of a number of things - the number of images, proper overlaps, the plan you are on, the subject matter, how homogeneous the images are, elevation changes of the terrain, traffic on the server, etc.

You can think of photogrammetry as something like solving a puzzle. If the pieces are difficult to put together or vary widely, the engine will have to work harder to put the puzzle together. The more pieces, the longer it takes. Some subject matter like cities have clearer distinct reference features that are easier to stitch compared to fields or forests (more homogeneous - all looks the same) which take longer.

It is difficult to project how long a map will take. If it started processing on an easy part and we extrapolated based on that and then it got to a more difficult part where it slowed down, it wouldn’t be accurate.

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