Map viewing issues

There are a few little anomalies that occur when viewing maps.

On desktop (Chrome browser):

  1. When opening the map, it opens automatically in Orthomosaic. When I switch to 3D Model, it opens the black background to start the model, but then reverts to Orthomosaic. When I select 3D Model for the second time, it will actually populate.
  2. When opening the map, it opens automatically in Orthomosaic. When I swith to NDVI, it displays the NDVI image properly. When I zoom in with the scroll wheel, the image reverts to Orthomosaic at that zoom level. When I then select NDVI again, it displays properly.

In iOS (Chrome browser):

  1. The 3D Model will often crash the browser (shuts down, returns to
    the iOS home screen). That is the case both embedded within the DD
    interface and when viewing it in the Sketchfab website directly.
    May not be something you can correct, just thought I would bring it
    to your attention.
  2. On iPhone, the Dashboard will not allow me to go
    past the last ten flights. When you scroll all the way down to the
    bottom, the browsing buttons to get to next page do not display.
    There also isn’t the search box that we could use to get around it.
    This is on the iPhone only, iPad has both the search box and the
    ability to go to next page.

Great feedback - thanks for letting us know.

For issues 1 and 2, the reloading issue is a known one - and actually happens when you’re viewing the Orthomosaic too. This is a left-over issue from our fast-stitch process where we’ll show the fast-stitch and then load the Ortho if it’s available. It’s in our bug list and we’ll get to it soon.

WRT iOS - it really should be loading the next button - I’ll look into that one. For the 3D model, I think that’s an issue of ram and what iOS allows webGL to use. We’re looking into alternative methods for showing the 3D models which will scale a bit better to mobile.

Sorry, triggered one of my favourite requests: It would still be ideal if we could share the fast-stitch of the NDVI image, rather than just viewing it. We would have immediate use of that in the field for ground-truthing the field before leaving the site.

While not quite as good as sharing, being able to add the annotations in the fast-stitch would also be a great addition.

Thanks as always – love giving feedback when you can watch it being implemented!

@Maakusi - are you looking to do a public share of this imagery, or a private share of the map?

I would envision the pilot/imagery service provider sharing it with the customer for whom they are flying the imagery. In most cases, that would be an agronomist and in some cases the farmer. My preference is that it be shared with another user, so that they have the ability to add annotations/comments. But if that requires a second subscription, then that would be less than ideal.

Those people would generally not have a DD account, as they would not be flying a drone or stitching imagery, but just receiving the imagery and commenting on it. If there is the ability to do that without a user account (or with a limited user account that doesn’t require a second subscription), that would be ideal.

Great to hear! Thanks for the feedback.