Ortho Maps Missing Large Blocks

When file processing is completed I’m missing large square blocks of my Ortho map eventhough they were showing and looking good during fast stitch. 3D Map and DSM Maps are not missing these areas. This happening to anyone else? Happened before and I think reprocessing map fixed.

Happened to nearly all of my maps. I am told they are working on a bug fix.

@jeremy is back from his vacation now and this is one of his priorities for today and tomorrow.

Sorry for the wait.

Thanks for update. Wanted to make sure wasn’t App or FW related.

Sure… when I removed the first layer this is what came up :smile:

I hope this thread ends up being more gifs and modifications to this image of @jeremy!

Huge Miley fan… who knew?

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Can you check your maps @Captainbadge and see if there are any with this problem still? Some might still be reprocessing.

@FarmerJuan can you let us know which of yours have this problem?

Spoke with Neema, we reprocessed the last two and they look good. We are reprocessing another right now that had swirls all through it. During fast stitch it looked fine but on completion it looked swirly. When that finishes we will see if it helped. If so we are going to rerun the rest.

Please Reprocess the following flights:
Name: “1.1.6 Test”

Name: “Home Farm NE 1/4”

Thanks Chase.

Chase: I am still having the same symptoms (3D Model is fine, but Orthomosaic missing a square block) with “Apex Beach (Hi Res)”. It has some oblique images added to the straight-down shots, so that might be a contributing factor.

Could you please re-run?

We have a fix for this but the solution for current maps with this issue is to rerun them. We’ll rerun those for you.

I am wondering if you reran the map I reported to be having this issue with over the weekend, as it is actually worse now than it was previously.

those are reprocessing now :smile:

Rerunning now, sorry about that!

We haven’t rerun it since it’s initial processing, but we can do that now to try to correct for that broken tile

That’s very strange, any thoughts about why there would be more missing today than there was a few days ago?

are you viewing it at different zoom levels? part of this bug is that portions are visible at some levels versus others. I can rerun it now to try to improve the result.

Home Farm NE 1/4 Finished Reprocessing and is missing blocks. I have a new flight from today that is processing and I’ll let you know if I see the issue on that flight.

I can see mine at most zoom levels now. The oblique images didn’t improve the 3D model at all, but overall the model looks good. Thanks.