Cesium Ion Viewer

There is a new viewer for the 3D model today: Cesium Ion. Why does it seem to suck so back compared to how it was??? The quality seems to be about 1/4 of the detail as before… What’s up with that?

Only on the PC it seems. Using the iPad Pro it seems Sketchfab is still hosting the 3D model whereas on the PC it looks like Cessium Ion have taken over.

Using Sketchfab on the iPad, the option is still there to select HD from.

I agree though, I do hope the drop in quality on the PC isn’t a permanent feature.

Are you talking about texture quality? It probably doesn’t affect the obj file. I have noticed this as well, but personally I prefer the much quicker loading of my large maps over texture quality in a browser. I can imagine our clients with much lesser computers would agree.

I haven’t had a problem with slow loading, but the new viewer looks horrible in comparison… Quality on the order of 25% of previous viewer…For those that export to different software obviously this is not a big concern. But those who share and view through the DD interface it is a big step backwards in user experience…


Totally understand that! Through training other users don their computers I noticed that anything with moderate elevation change over 100ac could be quite aggravating. Especially when maps are processed with GCP’s and real world elevations would throw the map off the screen.

Quality is the only factor in 3d view…

Unless your trying to download it in the field.

I looked up the Cesium website and they seem to have 3D measuring capabilities. I’m guessing that DD are looking at providing 3D inspection features to their product. That’s a serious thumbs up from me if that’s what is in the pipeline. But I do agree, quality is the only thing that matters in 3D, it needs to be as good if not better than Sketchfab.

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It’s come up in council discussions several times so I hope you’re right!

Just going to leave this here for comments. This is the crap that i see…sample%201 sample2

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Is this two different viewers?

yes, tried my best to even get the POV accurate. but as you can see, even the FOV is different.
The grainy nature of Cesium just looks horrible

Exactly! I was wishing I had a screenshot myself for an example!

^^ I agree.

I don’t yet have a need to export the 3D model but I do use the provided 3D display by Sketchfab (through DD) on a semi-regular basis. Or did.

The quick-to-load but low quality offering by CI is horrendous and me wondering if anyone would notice in a meeting on Friday afternoon, someone with a keen eye did and was quick to point it out. In fact, they noticed and is why I logged in here to see if anyone else was experiencing problems in quality, not realising its provider had changed.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think a paying customer should only be offered enhancements and improvements over what it signed up for and not be faced with compromises. There may well be benefits of using CI for some, but not for me. Selfishly perhaps, I’d rather have what I paid for and not lose out for the benefit of others.

Hopefully it’s just teething problems until it’s properly up and running. Perhaps someone from Admin can explain what is planned?

Hi, how did you load the image using sketchfab? Both were used loaded on PC so I asume you can somehow change what to use, Cesium or Sketchfab

i wish that were the case. I just planned ahead prior to doing the reprocessing to update my maps. No going back. Needed to prove quality change

Received the July ‘Wrap-up’ by email this morning,

" Our 3D viewer got a big upgrade. 3D Models are now more responsive, and viewable in higher resolution. The new viewer also allows you to explore larger data sets on desktop and mobile. Stay tuned for more updates on what this viewer means for the future."

Am I missing a setting to invoke a higher resolution? I’m still not able to view any 3D through the app either.

This ‘upgrade’ to Cesium is awful! Yes there must be a balance between upload speed v quality (as there are those do require ‘in the field’ access) but from a commercial PoV, the wow factor in mapping properties is when clients see the ‘quality’ 3D model - for me that is often the selling point. That quality has now been lost - hopefully just for now…

Hi all,

The actual models generated by Cesium are higher resolution than Sketchfab. The full resolution is available for export, but in the viewer we do not load all details at all zoom levels. This allows us to load the models faster and better support very large models. You may notice that as you zoom in, the level of detail improves substantially. For initial release, we chose to focus on loading speed and success. As we work on improving the 3D viewer, we will look to find a better balance between speed and resolution. Thank you for sharing your feedback – we’ll keep you informed as we make improvements.



Thanks for the info Christina, It would be great to have some functionality similar to Sketchfab as far as being able to adjust preferences. As in, I have a system that can load more texture faster so I want max res at all views vs. my system/internet/whatever is struggling give me low res basic functionality so I have something to look at…
Glad to hear you guy’s are working on it!