Orthomosaic vs. DD Map vs. Google maps

Question for the DD folks on what maps you are using during the planning stage of the mission. I thought it was simply Google maps. I was putting together a comparison of an orthomosaic that we created and the same area using google maps to show the client the increased detail you can get using the orthomosaic. I mapped an intersection and bridge for an engineering company. When I shut off the orthomosaic overlay in DD you can barely make out that there is a bridge or intersection on the map. Very impressive comparison of the detail available. But if I take a screenshot directly from Google maps, the detail is much better. (still not close to the ortho but there is much more detail to the map)
So I guess my question to DD is why are you using such an old and much less detailed set of maps for the initial planning stage of the mission? I’m assuming it’s a cost thing but I thought I’d ask anyway. Turning on and off the orthomosaic overlay is definitely not a good representation of the difference in detail from existing maps out there.
Jim C

Looks like this low resolution issue was brought up back in August by another user. Any update?

Looking for the same information. The DD app is missing entire streets and landmarks where I want to do a project. Makes mission planning difficult.

Hi DD team.

I like to use DD in rural area, but the map DD provides seem to be 5 years outdated.

Can you possibly update your maps for initial planning to correspond at least with Google Earth.


Google maps is coming. It’s been a long time, but it’s getting much closer.

We do our flight planning in Google Earth, and draw our flight plans (FP) using their tools. After that’s been reviewed, we use the app - Import KML or SHP and directly upload the saved KML polygons from GE. It works great. Here’s a screen grab of a property with multiple FPs at different elevations;