Google Earth - Sharing orthomosaics to view in GE App

Curious if anyone knows how to share and view orthomosaics uploaded to Google Earth on the mobile app?

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You’ll want to create a super overlay in Google Earth with the orthomosaic you download from DroneDeploy. I wouldn’t recommended going any lower than 0.4px/in as it will start to bog down GE if the sites surpass a certain size. This will have you create a folder for all the GE tiles. You then save the top level of the directory using…

Then ZIP everything and share.

Thanks for the response Michael! Hope all is well! I will give that a shot. Once that is done, have you had luck being able to open those on the GE app on your phone? Thats where I am hitting a snag.

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Yes, as long as they don’t get too big. We can often include the linework exported from Civil as a KMZ as part of the package.

Okay gotcha- create superoverlay from .tiff out of Dronedeploy 2. create folder with the GE tiles 3. save the top folder as a .kml or kmz? 4. zip together the GE tile folder with either the new kml or kmz and share

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I would save a a KML. You’ll need to send both these items, I just zip so it’s easy for them to extract correctly.


Okay great! Thank you sir. Would be really cool for one of our clients to be able to open this on his phone while he is making new ranch roads etc. Wish we would have figured out how to do this a long time ago. So to upload to his phone he will need to open the kml on his GE Web account and it should show up correct?

We are using a 2 in resolution on this particular trial and still are not able to upload to GE Web. It acts like it uploads but does not show up on the map. Surely we are doing something wrong.

We can jump on a Zoom if you want so I can see the screen?

If you have the time that would be awesome!

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Gimme a shout after 3pm.

Thanks, sounds great.

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We would like to heat the outcome. Much appreciated.

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The best way to share is directly in DroneDeploy. You are going to get the best resolution and waste a lot less time trying to get it to work in GE.

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Unless you have clients that don’t want to or can’t setup an account. you’d be surprised how often this happens when dealing in private projects, work with other larger companies who have protocols and governmental agencies. Some just prefer PDF’s and YouTube.

We actually started our inhouse operations on Google Earth because we had already been sharing project CAD information that way but after a year or so we now have our employees using DD and I will keep pushing and training external clients.