3D Model viewing

it wouldn´t be easy to explain it in German, we will see how it works in English. I use wordpress and canvasio3D Light to embed and view the obj files in my homepage 3dblickwinkel.de. With all models exported from dronedeploy there is a problem in viewing, not with others. I could turn view vertically but not horizontally around its own axis, like one axis is missing. If I open the model in meshlab it works fine. I don´t understand that. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help in advance and kind regards

I know when I used to load models into Sketchfab the horizontal would show up vertical so I had to rotate the X (I think) axis.

After looking at your models on your website, I think what is going on is that because the exterior models cover so much more are that their origin point is out of range and the center of the navigation is not in the center of the model. Early, early on in the DroneDeploy development we had the same problem. Is there a way in your program to change the units of measure? We see this is Navisworks when it is set to mm instead of meters or inches instead of feet.

Hi Michael,
sorry for the late answer. Thank you very much for your help. I could resolve the problem with your notes.

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