M3M Multispectral Data not processing


I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light as to why I can’t get Mavic 3 Multispectral data to process? My first flight I did with the UAV, I uploaded to Drone Deploy and it processed fine… every single flight afterwards, I’ve followed the exact same process (using the legacy uploader), and it’ll upload all the files, and then the whole thing will just disappear - no notifications of “Processing” (as what occurs when you go to Upload within a project), no nothing - it just disappears. I’ve now tried this with 6 other flights over the space of about 2 months.

Any help would be appreciated


Same issue here , have you found the cause ?


I was able to select the images I want to upload and now there is no indication that anything is happening. After some time a blue bounding box appeared. No other loading dialogue or progress bar. I’m uploading 2 bands from an M3M NIR and R. 1395 images at 14GB. Is it loading in the background?

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