Lost flight plans

I lost 8 flight plans from the iOS DD app overnight. Some were flown had images to upload and all were saved. Is there a way to save flight plans to a chip so we don’t lose them. So far I’m not happy with dd and I’m glad I didn’t upgrade till file and geo issues are resolved.

When you say you lost flight plans, how did you lose them?

I created them along a river on site using my iPad, saved them and flew four and when I came back today to fly the rest I could not find the flight paths I flew or ones I didn’t in the DD application on any iOS platform including on line using my Mac.

Sorry to hear this @telepro123. Apologies for the inconvenience. We’re working on improving the communication between our app and the desktop- if you upload the imagery to the Map Engine icon in the upper right of your dashboard, it will process the data into a map just as if you had uploaded to flight itself.