Log file export from DroneDeploy to DroneLogBook

Hi Guys and Gals
I have a Mavic, and are using a Sony Android phone with the controller.
I’ve made a few maps with the drone, not all that great, it was done more than a month ago, and I can understand that there has been some improvements to the app since then.
I would like to import my logs from DD to the logbook as well, it could automagically import the logfiles from the DJI Go App, but as to those explanations I’ve found, I have to export them from DD myself, and then import them into the logbook.
I haven’t been able to find any logs though, is it just me, or aren’t they available for the maps I’ve created?
I’ve had to recreate them several times to get any decent result, the software at the time was very bad, so that might be the cause.