Flight Records

There are some websites appearing now that convert (previously user unreadable) DJI flight records to useful information. Is there a way to get access to DroneDeploy flight records for our flights so they could be used with thee websites?

Of particular interest is the ability to see the aircraft’s last location in case of a crash for recovery.

Here are websites I have found useful:

You can see information similar to this on the flight log page for your flight. The current problem would be that this wouldn’t get updated if you had a crash, etc. We have thought about uploading them periodically. I added that to our list. We do not use DJI’s flight logs to construct our flight logs though.

Are you asking if there is a way to access the actual DJI flight logs on the drone after the flight is over or are you asking if DroneDeploy has these flight logs?

If we regularly update our flight log then you would be able to go to dronedeploy.com and see what the last message we received from the drone was while it was still receiving messages and within range.

Have you tried replaying your flight on the flight log page of dronedeploy?


I was asking for updated DD flight logs. I have access to DJI flight logs as they are stored in the Internal storage/DJI/DJIPilot/flightrecord folder of my cellphone. The DJI txt records can be converted to CVS format and used in Flightreplay.com. I was just wondering if DD files were also stored on the users device as the the DJI ones are.

The reason that I’m asking is because I’m trying to find a way to keep track of all my flight info in one place instead of multiple places because of using software from multiple vendors.

You are able to see the flight logs on DroneDeploy - just select the drop-down arrow, and select Flight Logs:

Is there any export functionality for this flight log information? I need to generate flight logs for CASA (i.e. FAA) requirements. Similar to previous comments - I’ve got the ability to exporting flight log data from the DJI-GO data generated on my user device. But now when I switch over to DD, I need to be able to gather the same type of basic flight log information (date/time, flight times, location, battery used). What are other people doing to maintain their flight logs when using DD?

Just to add some clarification - I currently use the flight log .txt files generated by DJI-GO. These load easily into the HealthyDrones site where I can get heaps of useful info about how my UAV, batteries etc are performing, and also export data from there to generate my flight log info. Unfortunately once I switch to DD, I lose all that. So having DD generate files that would feed HealthyDrones would be ideal. Cheers Jon

In the same boat, having to keep records of flight logs for CASA and Healthy Drones has provided that. Would be good to have this available, as well as as in flight telemetry. In saying this, tested withe both I1 and P3P and was happy with results. Outside of that i log flights in a ol’ fashioned log book regardless. We also use a application called Podio, just started using it, pretty easy.

We’re working on generating these text files as well as working with DJI to improve how 3rd parties handle logging. You should see some improvements to this in the near future.

The ability to export the missions as Flight Log files so, I can upload to Dronelogbook.com would be ideal. Interesting I cannot get flight log on the website to work. When I click on the button on drop down list it does not show the mission I have flown. Is this connected to the fact that DroneDeploy always defaults back to California when you start a new mission, rather than finding me in the UK?

We are working on revamping how we do flight logs. It should come a bit after we finish the upcoming new UI.