Silly Question? New Beginner

So i want to use DronedDeploy to create maps with my DJI MAVIC PRO. I downloaded it form the Apple App store to my iphone 6s and I managed to get it to fly my drone around and take a bunch of photos of an area (several times) but now I have an sd card full of single images and no maps. How do i get a map out of this? Sorry, it seems like a silly question, i just cant figure it out. I took out the microsd card and using an adpator plugged it into my macbook air to see if i could stitch the images together but Im not sure how.

You should be able to login to and upload your images to your plan there.

I also did my first map today. I just put my SD card in my laptop, opened the DroneDeploy page, then clicked on the name of the mission. Since it was flown it said something like complete, I added the photos and uploaded. A couple hours later my map was done. Only thing is my map looks really bad. I am trying a few different things to figure that part out…

Could you post a link? If we could see it, we would have a better idea of what may have gone wrong.

This is the first one I tried.

This is the second attempt using less images, I think there was some conflicts with the images.

These links are taking me to my own dashboard. Could you try sharing within your dashboard.

Btw thanks to alll the people who replied. I did get it to work after… my confusion i think was mostly over how simple the process was… i cant believe how easy. Anyone know how the software handles uploading random images? How does it know what images to stich together… lets say i accidently upload a family photo for example… how does it handle that file?

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Sorry I am new to this.

Ha! you would get a “your map cannot be processed” email. We have definitely seen some people attempting this. :joy: