Linking FAA approval to DroneDeploy

Why does my DroneDeploy App no longer let me “Request further coordination” from LAANC unless it is automatic approval? I can adjust the altitude of my flight down to 100ft and get automatic approval but then the flight will be ridiculously long. Also, if I can’t get approval for my flight through DroneDeploy’s connection to LAANC but I can get approval from the FAA through another source, how do I link it to my DroneDeploy app so it will fly the grid flight I programed?

Thanks for the Help!


Enable your DJI custom unlock via go4 with aircraft powered up, then shutdown go4, launch DD, all should be good then.

Unlock did not persist across controller, apps (DJI Go4 > Drone Deploy) - previously I didn’t have a problem, but two weeks ago at the same site, nothing I did would fix the issue. Any ideas if there were any known issues? We can’t afford to use DD if there is no reliability when working in Custom Unlock areas.

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Not sure what else to suggest other than once you set unlock code via Go4, do a quick flight, land, shutdown Go4 app, then launch DD and see if it persists or now.

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Hi @Flybysolar we are working to fix the bug with further coordination requests, and it will be released in a future app version! I’ll update this thread when it’s released.

Hopping on to the chain so I am notified when this is fixed as well.

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This bug has been fixed and further coordination requests should be working as expected.