ATC/FAA authorization and LAANC approval in DD

I have ATC/FAA approval to fly at 100’ AGL in the 50’ grids at Billings in Montana. My flights are scheduled for this coming Tuesday through Thursday. I have the DJI FlySafe custom unlocking approved, so the DJI Go4 App should work fine. However, the LAANC approval in Drone Deploy is still red and there is not option to Request LAANC.

I see this text in the Airspace and LAANC window: “LAANC: Requests for further coordination must be submitted less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time. Please update your flight plan to occur more than 24-hours in the future.”

I am just wondering how this flight will work when I get out to the site. Will DJI Go4 talk to Drone Deploy and allow me to fly? How can I make sure that DD knows that I am approved by ATC to fly in this airspace on my approved dates?

Thank you for any help


Normally in situations like this I enable the custom unlock code within Go4 with aircraft powered on, then shutdown go4, launch DD, and all should be good. Have run into situations where the unlock does not persist across controller, app, aircraft restarts in which case need to do the launch go4, re-enable unlock, shutdown go4, then launch DD. Tip, make sure you have your DD unlock codes in your app & controller before going out on site, or, make sure you will have a network connection so your controller gets those from DJI. Good luck.

Thanks for the response. That’s more or less what I was expecting would work. I had to cancel this flight for other reasons but I will probably fly next month and I will let you know if this worked, if you’re interested


A couple of weeks ago it ran into the same issue where the unlock does not persist across the controller, apps. The previous month I did not have any issues, so I’m wondering if there was a bug introduced.

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