Mission won't fly in Controlled Airspace even with LAANC approval


I flew a mission recently within a 1/4 mile of an airport. I received LAANC approval and unlocked my DJI drone via the Geo Unlock. I was able to fly without issue using DJI Go 4. However, when I tried to run the mission with Drone Deploy, it failed to launch due to the airspace.

I’m going to be wanting to do a mission next week in controlled airspace. I’ve flown in the location for next week in the past, but I know this airport doesn’t participate in LAANC yet. I have to contact the tower, get manual permission, and then unlock the drone. What will I have to do to get Drone Deploy to work once I get the drone unlocked?




Had this happen yesterday and was not even in restricted airspace. Luckily I was in the mapping so I was able to just use Litchi. The only outstanding factor about the environment was that I was downtown and satellites were sketchy until I got up into the air but you wouldn’t think that would have anything to do with airspace protocols.

Did you check if there were any TFR’s? This happened to me once and then a swarm of black hawk helicopter’s were in my flight plan. I live near Lockheed Martin so this isn’t uncommon. Ended up lifting in an hour…

There were no TFR’s within 3 days either way. It is a glitch in the DroneDeploy software working with the overbearing geofencing from DJI. They already know about it and are working on it.