Mission won't fly in Controlled Airspace even with LAANC approval


I flew a mission recently within a 1/4 mile of an airport. I received LAANC approval and unlocked my DJI drone via the Geo Unlock. I was able to fly without issue using DJI Go 4. However, when I tried to run the mission with Drone Deploy, it failed to launch due to the airspace.

I’m going to be wanting to do a mission next week in controlled airspace. I’ve flown in the location for next week in the past, but I know this airport doesn’t participate in LAANC yet. I have to contact the tower, get manual permission, and then unlock the drone. What will I have to do to get Drone Deploy to work once I get the drone unlocked?




Had this happen yesterday and was not even in restricted airspace. Luckily I was in the mapping so I was able to just use Litchi. The only outstanding factor about the environment was that I was downtown and satellites were sketchy until I got up into the air but you wouldn’t think that would have anything to do with airspace protocols.