Current LAANC and DJI Unlocking Workflow

If you are well versed in flying in Authorization Zones and unlock often please share your workflow. I have done it several times with no issue and less several times where it actually would not unlock in DroneDeploy or DJI. The DJI Go4 side was the kicker as it walked me through all the prompts today, but still would not fly into the zone. I think I messed up the order because I forgot to apply the unlock license in DJI before I started the DD mission and then hit literally a 50ft corner of the site that somehow is now in a different zone that didn’t use to be there. I have flown this site at least 15 times with both the Yuneec and the P4P and never had this happen. Has anybody else experienced a zone pop-up like this? It’s not the 5-Mile, it’s not related to the Grid and it’s not the No-Fly. It’s actually in the 300ft AGL grid as well. I was at 265ft.

On the topic of LAANC has anyone seen any changes where sites are now getting automatically denied and then timing out because the site does not have a chance to approve deny? A least one airport in particular the LAANC request would submit and the tower could approve it, now it just gets automatically rejected because it is on 0ft AGL grid. I have flown this site 3 times in the past through the same channels.

I have not had this exact same issue but I flew a site yesterday in the 400 ft grid and it never notified me at all. I had LAANC approval but never loaded it into my app (I forgot)…idk if it’s automatic now or what but I was near ATL! I had another site that on DJI shows clear but on LAANC is a 0 foot area. Doesn’t really make sense to me. If I’m a hobbyist and have no idea what LAANC is, I can take off and fly wherever, but if I know what I’m doing and am a professional I can’t fly because it’s class B at the surface?

This was several miles south of the airport, very obviously out of any flight path. It’s just weird to me that there are nearly 100 foot tall pine trees but we can’t get LAANC at 100-200 feet?

Were you just in a warning zone or an authorization zone? Usually 400ft is just a warning zone and does not stop flight, but nothing is perfect and I have had a few sites require unlocking that probably shouldn’t have. I would suggest still flying with LAANC to have the paper trail, but I have heard allot of varying opinions. Here is another example of a site that got caught by the same zone further south that I could not fly and neither AirMap or AirBus recognized it.

I have no idea what the gray zones are unless they are meant for emergency military traffic. Jets takeoff on the normal runway and this zone is perpendicular to the normal flight pattern. Funny that The DJI site doesn’t show the grid. A crap pile of information is what we get.

I think the whole system is just kind of pasted together to capture the most evident potential for disaster. There are a lot of things that were obviously not thought through in detail and this is apparent in construction in particular there are a lot of things about a construction site that should not apply and specific areas where waivers need to be obtained. Funny thing is that the DJI Unlocking Site is the only one that shows this authorization zone on my map.

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