KML import with height

Hi there,
I am a brand new user of dronedeploy in combination with a Phantom 4 pro.
Is there a chance to keep the calculated height af a KML file to take a height-modulated path as source for the linear mapping app?
The reason is, that I am working in a quiet hilly region and want to fly along roads for dokumentation.
So it would be very fine, to have the ability to fly several paths f.e. in 30 m above ground.

in expectation of your ideas :wink:

Hi @KreisEU_Jenniches,

Apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately this feature is not possible.


If you are doing linear waypoint mapping and want a constant height above ground plan I would recommend Litchi. Not expensive and has a ton of flight options including the elevated path KML import. DroneDeploy will get there.