Phantom 4 RTK Terrain Awareness?

Good day All,

I recently got the Phantom 4 RTK and a base Station with it. I have 4 sites to map and one of them has some pretty substantial height changes due to a steep hill on the south corner of the site. If I fly around at 80-100m height it won’t be sufficient for following the terrain (I still get 400ft AGL but the drone would have to climb to about 180feet to keep the 80m altitude from the ground)

I have looked into the “terrain Awareness” feature but it asks for a DSM model to be uploaded. Can anyone help with that? I do have a current map of the project that Ive already shot but cannot seem to find an export button for the DSM…

Any help is appreciated.

It’s only beta and it doesn’t work well in fact it is dangerous I would stay away from it if you can

Ive tested it and so far Ive had great results with it.

I use the Map Pilot app from Maps Made Easy when flying a mission that requires Terrain Awareness.

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