Flight height

When we put flight height in dronedeploy app, is it the absolute height (from sea level), or relative height of the user. For example, if I am on a 20-meters-hight building and put in dronedeploy app a mission height of 100m, is it 100m from sea level (ie 80m higher than me) , or 100m higher than me (ie 120m from sea level)???

It will be 100m above your takeoff point

Will it maintain that height (MSL) despite terrain? For example if I set a pattern altitude of 200’, I clear cliff and trees, as the craft flies out over the water, and say there is a 50’ drop off under the water surface, it should maintain the initial 200’ from take off and not dip in altitude correct?

hi @Icarus - no, the AGL will be relative to the takeoff point and will not change with the terrain. Some other customers have requested terrain following as well- something we’d want to have in-app at some point.

Hi folks…

This flight height thing is confusing me, as what I see on the screen in PC planning does not agree with “100m above the takeoff point”.

For instance, the TERRAIN ELEVATION box in the upper left corner…even though the flight height is 268 AGL, and the P3 will take off with me standing at pretty much the highest point of terrain for the entire flight, there are a couple sections where the TERRAIN ELEVATION window shows the terrain ABOVE my flight height.

The only thing I can think of here is that the flight plan will be flying 268 feet above the START POINT, and NOT the takeoff point.

(Question, on PC planning, how does a person tell which point is the start point, and, how do I change it?)

So…Are we saying that in PC planning, the mission will show the flight height as altitude above the START POINT? And then once in the field, it’ll change to altitude above the TAKEOFF point?

But then would all the overlaps and flight time and all the rest of it have to change as well?




Has there been any move towards the mentioned ‘terrain following’? For mapping, tracking a person/panning shots etc I feel it would be beneficial to be able to maintain a constant height above the ground. This could be done by varying the altitude individually set for each waypoint/transect…