Join the Beta for the New User Interface

No, I think the transparency slider was a different option. If I had several orthomosaics from the same area rendered during different times I could also select a time period of a couple of years earlier if I remember it correctly.

Hello Mike,

  1. I registered for the new beta interface by completing the survey but so far nothing happened…
  2. On the free account I have, I believe it is the old interface, for the new maps produced there is no DSM option and the NDVI Toolbox and NDVI Threshold are grayed. Is that by design? What happened with DSM?


Hi C0ndu

  1. Sounds like you haven’t been invited yet. There is another set of invites going out soon. I just checked the responses and I believe you input your forum username, not your dronedeploy username/email address. If so please fill in the survey again with your email address.
  2. Yes, that’s by design DSM and NDVI are features for paid accounts (and the trial).


Dear Mike,
That form only allows me to fill it once, based on my Google account identity…
Any way around that?
With best wishes,

Hi Mike- I also completed the survey a couple of weeks ago and haven’t seen any change to the interface when I log in.

I’ll get you in on the new UI - hang tight!