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I’m looking for an easy way to capture pictures automatically for mapping purposes. Therefore, I’m interested in DD. But I don’t need the processing capabilities (map stitching, 3D models), since I would like to use my own products. It would be great if there was a pricing plan, which only includes the software for mission planning. I’m sure this would increase the constituency, since many organizations/institutions already have software for processing aerial images, but there aren’t many software products for mission planning.


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I like this thought. I was thinking the other day, I wish that I could run the video camera with this ap.

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I would like to see a pricing plan that is a pay for what you use similar to Maps made easy. I haven’t used Maps made easy yet but I know they have a plan where you pay for acreage. I’ve liked the DD app but not willing to pay for the existing plans not knowing if I’ll use it month to month.



You can easily cancel any month you aren’t using. At the moment we don’t have a pay as you go plan but our product team will be taking another look a the plan options in the future.

I think the plan is ok as for the precision is a bit pricey :slight_smile: but motivates to get in orders to cover the costs. you guys are flexible and may turn on or off one or the other feature for show for me to be able to show it to my possible customer eventually ordering it.
this is how I see it. I have been in beta and its been really nice.

I would love a way to purchase one-off high resolution map processing. If the majority of my clients are OK with 5cm, non-GCP referenced maps but once or twice a year I have a need for 1cm, GCP maps It’s hard to justify upgrading to the Precision plan, even for a month.

It could work in one of two ways- an in-app purchase of one high-res map, say at $25-$50. Or, much like Pandora One has been offering as of late, a single day of premium service.

Either way, it would be great to be able to temporarily bump up processing capabilities for a single job here and there.

I would also be willing to pay by the job for processing for the 1cm. If I did 5 jobs a month then $100/per project is very reasonable. If I only do one job in a month then $500 starts to look less attractive. I am currently using Pix4d with limited success however and it runs $350 I believe.

Maybe something like $200/month fixed fee plus $50 a project. Two projects would be $150 each, three would $117 each, four would be $100 each, five would be $90 and so on… Just an idea.

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Try the Altizure app. It’s free and you can design your mission taking vertical and oblique pictures. Works very well; better than the DD app.