Join the Beta for the New User Interface

Hi All

We’re looking for early adopters to trial our new User Interface. It’s designed to be fast, beautiful, and easier to use, with 1 interface shared on both web and mobile. We’d love to get your views and feedback so we’re opening up to 100 beta testers.

The first page to change will be the data page, and you’ll see (approximately) weekly updates. Your feedback is important to us, and we’ll be looking for a lot of insight from you - good and bad!

To join the beta just answer this 2 minute survey


p.s The changes will be opt-out so you’ll still get to use the older interface if you wish.


I think you just answered my one question. Definitely gotta be able to toggle back and forth to support customers!

Hi all,

Thanks for signing up and for sharing some great stats. I have enabled the new interface for many of the people that signed up. We’ll continue to accept Beta users here, and will keep users abreast of the changes here.

WOW. :+1: Just jumped over to view a recent map on my desktop browser. Really like where you guys are going with the new ui. Are we going to have a thread for feedback or should we use this one?

Thanks Beau!

We’d love to schedule some time with you to talk about it (click the link in the email). But in the mean time: shoot here.

We pushed a big update to the Beta today. Let us know what you think below.

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Hi Mike,

Volume doesn’t seem to be working.

What are you seeing when trying to use volume?


When in ortho mode I get a pointing hand which measures in 2D.

In NDVI mode I get a cross which also measures only in 2D.

In 3D mode I’m getting a “grabbing hand” that does nothing.

DSM mode appears to not be working at all.

Mark G.

We should probably be disabling the annotation buttons when a user is viewing the 3D model. The 3D model is just for viewing at the moment.

Volume measurements can be made on the DSM, NDVI, and the Ortho. When you say the DSM is not working at all, what do you mean?


Are you saying that you don’t get a prompt like this when you are viewing a map and attempt to draw a volume area?

Do you have a paid account? It might be that volume isn’t a feature of your account.

Must be my account. DSM mode seems to work on some maps yet others, nothing happens when I hit the button.

The DSM might be due to an issue that we need to fix. I’ll make a note of it and we should have that fixed soon. I’ll also check on the volumes to see what is happening there.

Hi team

On the 3rd click it tells me: Error: shape edges cannot cross!

Hi team

Couple of items:

  • I would like to see height information while moving the mouse over the Ortho or DSM view.
  • I ‘miss’ the history slider, where I could slide through time on various projects at the same time
  • And I also liked the transparancy function, which seems to be gone.
  • Within the DSM or NDVI view. It would be nice, if I would see where I actual put the two blue dots on the scale or entering values manually would also be nice.

Thank you,

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Hi Martin,

We do plan to provide height information for markers placed on the map. At the moment I don’t think it is planned with a hover but I will pass that on.

The history slider is now the dropdown for selecting prior data. Do you prefer the slider to the dropdown? Is there something the slider provided that the dropdown doesn’t?

We do plan to add back in the transparency in some form.

We are also adding values to the DSM and NDVI sliders, but haven’t finished it yet.

Thanks for the feedback.

I used to use the slider to compare the ortophoto with the image behind.

I missed it too. Not mandatory thogh

Thanks Pedro, that has been asked about a few times. We’ll look into it again, as we get through the next round of updates.

Hey Mike . . . . I like the UI and where it is going. Wondering if you would consider adding a feature where you can automatically store email address to common customers who most of the time are to receive exports? I have three customers that are getting most of the exports and hate having to copy and paste all their email addresses each time I export. Would like to start typing the start of their emails and get a choice to click on.

Also, I am getting requests from clients wishing to have exports for maps in which they have forgotten the name of. When I start looking and got to page 7 to see if it is there and find out it is not by looking at an individual map, when I click the go back icon, i have to start my visual search at page 1 again.

Thats about all for me. Thanks for your hard work.

Hi Chase
With the slider I could also show a state in time, even years back, where there was no orthomosaic rendered by DD and then you could show the differences in time even better.

You mean with the slider that changes the transparency of the layer?