It just fell to the ground. And now the gimbal is broken. Now what?

Very first DD flight with my Mavic. Watched all the videos, wrote down SOP’s for myself based on the focus issue with the Mavic. Batteries all charged up. Planned the flights online, Connected to the Mavic through the app, hit the check button, everything turned green after going through the DD checklist, ready to go. Hit the button, flies up 4 feet into the air, and then the Mavic just shut off and dropped to the ground. Gimbal broke, 1 propeller broke.

Any guesses? At the cost of repair, do I try DD again? I’ve got a P4P that was on standby for when DD starts supporting that model. Do I take another brand new drone and connect it to DD?

I’m hoping it’s operator error but I haven’t been able to rule that in yet, so it’s almost ruled out.

Does DD record flight logs that I could look into and find a cause?


Hi Tom,

This is terrible to hear and sorry you experienced this issue. Please contact with the email attached to your account. They’ll be able to examine what went wrong.

Also, for future reference, here is more info on flight logs that would be useful.

Kara, I read the link. I can’t upload any images to DD because it didn’t get that far. It fell to the ground after taking off and got about 4 feet off the ground. So the link says that the only way to see the logs is if you upload to DD. I have no photos to upload.

I know, support may still be able to look at your account and see what went wrong from where. Could be a DJI firmware issue too. Sorry again!