*Not DD related* Anyone elses P3 fall from the sky?

Was hovering about 600 ft above me, taking a few photos of a completed construction site when my phone reported a loss of signal. Immediately following the loss of signal I heard it crash into a tree behind me. The quad fell from 600ft. I opened an RMA and shipped it back to dji. Hoping they will replace it soon. I am not sure how they could pin this on me as “user error”. My only doubt was the fact that I hadn’t updated my firmware yet.
Anyone have any experience with this sort of problem?


Update for anyone who is interested.

Got the repaired done back 9 days after shipment. Was pleased that they fixed it free of charge. Went out after I got it back to fly and do some tests and it did the same thing. This time it is messed up pretty bad. Sending it back today (again). This time its an accelerated rma… so hopefully I get a new unit soon.

I had it happen to a P2. I was flying two P2’s at once (one with my 8 yr old son). After I landed his, I grabbed the other control and began to lower the other. It just dropped after about 2 seconds with the left stick fully down. They blamed user error, I think it (the drone) thought it was on the ground and cut power to the motors. I had it taking video at the time. Never sent it in, but probably should have. To this day I’m very cautious about full left stick throttle down.

you might have misunderstood me… the drone turned off completely at 600 feet without any interaction with the RC. The drone should be received by DJI on Monday for repair/replacement.