3rd DJI Phantom 3 to Fall out of the sky mid-mission

This is the third time that this has happened, somebody has to take responsibility for this, as it’s either DJI hardware or DroneDeploy App - Which is it gents?

Can you email us at support and provide us your flight logs from the drone? DJI has adjusted their policy on this and we can see what they say once we send the logs. You could send them directly to me as well.

Hi Chase,
Where would I get these logs from?

My guess - it’s a battery issue. Drones rarely “fall out of the sky” unless they have a sudden loss of power. Are you flying always with a 100% charged battery? Are you storing your batteries at 50-60%? Are you topping them off to 100% the night before? There is almost a science to lithium polymer battery care.

The other top “fall out of the sky” scenario is a loose prop that flies off during flight. Something else that is managed through a pre-flight checklist, etc.

Started with a new battery used only 4 times was charged 100% the night before and still showed 94% when all of a sudden it started to tumble out of the sky

Pre-flight 100%, never hit anything as I was watching at the time

I had an incident on the P4 where it fell out of the sky. I determined from looking at my other P4s that it was fairly easy to insert the battery and start thr drone WITHOUT the battery clicking 100% in. DJI replaced without any issues. I have had three drones that have had issues while in flight over the years and have not paid anything to get them replaced. Time use to he the issue as we only had 1-2 drones, but now we have 9 so I am a little more paitent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck!

If it was battery I would not be hearing the wild revving of the motors trying to correct itself as it tumbles and be receiving live video feed of the tumble on my iPad.

Does anyone know where I would find the flight log of that ill fated flight?

You should be able to pull the flight log off of the drone itself.