DJI v Dronedeploy

Hi all
I hope someone can help me get to the bottom of the error code 5024 and which of the two companies should take responsibility when it leads to a drone crashing. For weeks I have been jumping through hoops to try to get DJI or DD to say it is their error code. Weeks later I write to the forum to ask if anyone has ever had luck resolving this matter. £1k bill to replace drone on first mission under DD is a very expensive app and to make it worse no one will give you a straight answer.
Thoughts welcome.

Can you share any details of the crash?

Hi Mark
Was doing first mission with DD magic pro was all updated and good to go. Had just run a manual flight to make sure all was well. Drone took off started to fly mission got to first way point and error code 5024 appeared and then said mission complete. Walked up to area drone was out of the skyline. DD had no last point nor did DJI. Using airdata found longs and lats recovered drone and sent back to DJI. Since then getting nowhere last. Error code 5024 is a DJI problem or a DD problem, my problem is £1k replacement drone.

Hi @Alanstevenson,

I see that our Support Manager @Nipul has gotten in touch with you via private message. He’ll be happy to assist you with your issue.


Thanks and hopefully I can write a very positive post