Mavic Pro crashed on DD test flight

Hello, Im a UK PfCO UAS Pilot. Today after months of problem free flying with my Mavic pro I took it out to test the DD software. I had planned a single flight map. I did my pre flight tests after calibrating the compass on the DJI go4 app. I then landed and switched off the app and turned on the DD app. It showed good to fly the mission and I activated the flight and stood back to see the Mavic climb steadily and then move toward the mapping start point waypoint. It had flown smoothly 15 meters before it started spinning in a circle and oscillating heavily before it dropped out of the sky with the engine still trying to fly. Before it hit the deck i tried to regain control but it showed no sign of responding to my inputs.

The mavic is very damaged. All 4 props are broken. The camera has been broken from the gimbal. The rear right arm is a little loose.

Has anyone had this issue, or can any one shed some light on why this occurred?

@Daniel-mavic Hello! Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to hear what happened to your drone. Never a good situation to be in. Were you able to retrieve your flight logs? From there we can analyze what may have happened to your flight.

What map was this for?