Is Mavic working now?

Trying DroneDeploy with the Mavic and it appears to work except the battery indicator shows empty and it takes no pictures. Is that expected at this time or is this supposed to be working?

That shouldn’t be the case. Did you follow these instructions and is your memory card formatted (a common reason for no photos):

Well I’ll try different things and see if it starts working. I’ve flown 3 missions with no pics but it takes pics/video fine normally with the DJI Go 4 app so not sure what’s going on here. Camera checks out on the pre-flight check…no SD card errors and it’s empty (takes and holds pics fine). Maybe there’s some finicky setting I’m missing.

OK - got it working. Although the SD card was working fine, reformatting made it start working. Thanks.

For the battery showing zero. We saw this with older firmwares. Are you sure it’s up to date?