Drone not taking photos

I’m in a remote region to do some mapping and the drone is consistently not taking photos. Have used the app before and gotten a good result but none of the flights tried today have worked. The drone doesn’t take off, or it doesn’t take pictures, or on one occasion it took 167 overexposed pictures then decided the battery was on 0% and stopped taking photos, although it kept flying the mission. Have tried with two different sd cards, have tried formatting them, the camera is set to auto so it shouldn’t be overexposed. Most common problem is that it just straight up didn’t take any pictures. App seemed like a great idea when I got it however it is currently worse than useless.

Hi, sorry to hear this. Which model of drone are you using?

Phantom 3 standard. The university ordered a 4 pro, but it wasn’t delivered in time. It’s gotten more reliable at the start now, but it’s still having the issue where it stops taking photos halfway through. Any flight where this happens I land immediately and try to start it again from whichever waypoint it was up to, however this has never worked, which makes me very worried about how the larger multi battery missions I had planned will go.

Sorry to hear this. Could you reach out to support@dronedeploy.com? Thank you.

That’s a very helpful response to be getting nearly a week after the original problem.

Apologies, were you able to get you issue resolved by support?

My issue has not been resolved and support at this junction would be useless as I am no longer at the research site. It’s a remote location that we only visit once a year, so a more prompt response would have been nice.

Ok, for some reason, I was not notified of your response but still, very sorry about this. There are some known reliability issues with the app that the team is aware of and working through swiftly. Sorry, again.