Camera doesn't take pictures after battery swap

I’m using the new version of drone deploy on Android with a phantom 4 latest firmware all around. When running a map that takes 3 batteries to complete,the Phantom didn’t take pictures as it flew the second leg of the route. The software had it pick right back up where it left off correctly but as I watch the live video stream I noticed there were no flashes of black indicating pictures were taken. This was also confirmed when I looked at the images on the card. Anybody else having issues with this? Any workarounds? I know sometimes there is some interference between the DJI Go app and drone deploy and I was not running the go ap at all at the same time.

Thanks, Dan

That’s interesting. If you have a good connection it should definitely start the camera properly. We’re going to be focusing more effort on some edge cases like this now that the new UI is out. I’m not sure what to recommend since the first flight worked but the second didn’t.

Hi @Dan_Roesch - thanks for reporting this! We’ll look into reproducing it. The only thing I would recommend is to fully close the app, and restart both the drone and RC to make sure there aren’t any bad states persisting.