Didn't take enough photos

Maybe I’m using the app wrong but I ran my first two test missions yesterday. One was over a baseball field another over a construction site. The drone appeared to run the missions correctly but when I got home and looked at the SD card, there were only 5 photos from the first mission and none from the second mission.

I believe I read that the app is suppose to take photos every 2 seconds and it has nothing to do with how many waypoints there are, correct?

I’m running a Phantom 3 Advanced on an Android Tablet.

Also, it takes a why to do the waypoint upload on the checklist. At first I didn’t have an Internet connection, but then I tethered it to my phone. I thought you didn’t need an Internet connection to run a mission?

Thanks for the help

Same thing has happened to me on multiple occasions. If you watch your app youll be able to see if your drone is snapping pictures because of the “shudder” affect on the live view window. If it stops youll have to call it back and restart your mission. I am not sure what causes this.
Anyone else having this problem?

Nexus 6p with android 7.0

Ya, I just ran another mission and it took no photos. It is like it took 5 on the very first mission and then it stopped. I guess I’ll have to monkey with the settings but I was under the impression the DroneDeploy app takes full control and can change whatever settings it wants. So if I left the DJI GO app in video mode last time, would that make any difference? I wouldn’t think so.

As far as I know you can’t have the DJI Go App running in the back ground and with my experience I can’t take photos when taking videos