Mission but no photos taken

Did a mission with my little Phantom 4 and I was wondering why I did not see the photos being snapped as usual. Well it was because it didn’t take any! Ipad 4 downloaded the mission for offline use because 1g or no cell coverage. If this is going to start to be the standard man guys I am going to find other options. This is the first time I had an issue with DD so yea I am still sticking in here.

So this happened to me for the first time as well today. The whole day was a comedy of errors on my side:

  1. My iPad Pro died and my backup iPad died as well, so I used the iPhone 7+ (for the first time on this phone).
  2. I had not installed the DJI Go 4 app previously, so I tried to d/l it; however, due to size it required wifi, so no app.
  3. I calibrated the drone without the DJI app, but had to go with auto settings since I could not change them.
  4. Loaded DroneDeploy app, everything loaded and all checks passed.
  5. Phantom 4 Pro flew the path as normal. I in fact, flew the same mission again at 200’, instead of the original 250’.
  6. During both flights I did not see the snapshot window, nor did I see the number of captured images; however since I never use the phone app, I really didn’t think anything of it.
  7. I changed SD cards between each flight.
  8. Got home and alas no images.

Not the end of the world as this is a tiny project and I have access to the site to try again tomorrow. Usually I have my microSD card reader for the iphone and iPad’; however, it was part of my fun day and was left on the office table. I realized this in route but assumed I would just check the images via the DJI app, forgetting that DJI made a new app for the Pro.

Tomorrow’s another day, but hopefully one where I will be better prepared and the app will work better :slight_smile:

I can’t have stuff like this go down when I am out at a remote site. This was the first time this happened to me and I wasn’t to happy about it. Will have to always note if photos are showing up on the tablet. I have seen a few folks having issues lately. I am going to try a couple other companies out before I start to pay for a pro plan because I will blow my stack if bad software causes me to loose money especially at the cost of this software. Just saying.

I typically have a microSD card to apple lightning connector that I check my photos with after each mission on my iPad. I think that it is a very useful check, especially if you work in a lot of remote locations. I have each of my crews equipped with them, and if I had just followed my own procedures I would have at least resolved the issue while I was in the field.

Yup it’s implementation has been added but clearly I should not have to do this and there is something wrong with the software.

After landing, or even while hovering over the site, press the PLAY button under the camera controls. This will show you the contents of the actual SD card. I also had a flight with no photos and had never noticed the play button before. But today I made sure to check it before landing.

Yesterday’s flight with the empty SD card … the funny thing is that I downloaded the logs from the Go app, and the thumbs for the images were embedded in the txt file. It was crazy. But from now on, I’ll check while flying or at least after landing.