DJI Phantom 3 Pro - Camera Stopped Taking Pictures After Battery Change


Today an environmental organization that I am a member of used a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and DroneDeploy to perform a survey of a beach we are studying. The project required two batteries. Before the first battery changed, the drone completed half of the mission and took 330 pictures. After the battery change, the camera didn’t automatically face down and no pictures were taken. I was initially using my Android phone attached to the controller with a USB wire. Once I ran into the problem, I switched to our iPad and reset the mission from the beginning. When we needed to change the battery again halfway through, the drone worked perfectly fine. Is this something to do with Android phones, or was there something else I could have done wrong?

Before we began flying, I erased all prior pictures and formatted the SD card.

I would appreciate any help I could get. This was our first practice mission of the summer and I want to fix the small issues I encountered.

Thank you!

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Work with Tech Support, @Adam_Carp might be able to help you.

Assuming you have installed the latest DJI firmwares and the latest DD on both Android and iPad.

When contacting Support link the Mission you were flying, copy and paste the URL of the Missi n That way they can investigate.

In the future you can start a mission at a specific location like 331 instead of at the beginning. That way if it glitches you can resume where you want.

I started with a P3P and occasionally had inconsistent glitches from every system. Multi-battery missions and GPS lock were the worst.

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Thank you Greg, I appreciate the help! I will give it a shot.


Are you letting the software end the first flight or manual RTH’ing?

Hello Michael,

I apologize for taking so long to respond. When this issue occurred, I let the software end the first flight. At approximately 20% battery the drone automatically returns home. We changed the battery and opted to continue the mission. It returned to a different location and the gimble never returned to a downward facing position.

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Unfortunately I faced many of the same issues when I was running a P3P. Occasional compass and GPS issues, color hue problems and odd behaviour with multi-battery missions. I know there was allot of work done on M-BM’s while I was flying the P3P and eventually it became pretty consistent, but I always manually RTH right of of a corner that I knew it wasn’t going to make the next pass.