Battery Change not Working Properly

I flew a mission yesterday that required 2 battery changes. On the first flight the PIP window showed camera view with the usual screen blanking to represent picture taking. But the picture count remained stuck at 2. I got those pictures. The second flight showed a white square instead of the camera view, but the picture counter was advancing. I got no pictures from that flight. The third flight showed a view from the camera, but no blanked screen for picture taking. However the counter advanced. I got no pictures from that flight.

Android, most recent version. Any help?

BTW… is Android or iOS more reliable and bug-free? I can use either.

hi @erkq - both versions have been recently updated to v2.0.15 - was this the version you are working with currently?

we generally see better performance on iOS since it is better supported for developers by DJI. However, individual device is also a factor. A newer, more powerful Android device may work better than an older iOS app with lower processing power.

I am running 2.0.15 on an iPad Air 2. I was told my iPad Mini2 was crashing a lot because it lacked the processing power necessary for Autopilot, especially going forward. So I got the iPad Air2. It has never crashed!

The other thing I forgot to mention is that it ran the first battery at 14 mph and the last 2 at 34 mph!

I’m going to see how MapPilot works, although it has limitations I don’t like. It only will do convex polygons and it has a minimum distance between vertices. But for these jobs it will work.

I prefer DroneDeploy’s app for so many reasons. It would be good to figure this out.

@neema these dont seem to be issues with a device…

Please escalate this investigation ASAP as it will be affecting me too very soon with a large project coming up.

I think I’ve got a bit of a mea culpa here… I was getting it to come home by flipping the mode switch and flying it home. Then I thought… “wait… there’s that ‘Home’ button. I should use that!” So the app knows what’s going on. I did and that flight went very well.

Are you having trouble with this yourself or just worried about it because of my reporting a problem? I think I discovered what I was doing wrong.

No but I have heard issues with battery changes before. What about speed differences… That has a big effect on image quality

Yes… that’s right. I had no trouble with that either if I used the blue “Home” button to initiate the flight back to change batteries. It’s a good thing to make sure of with DD, though!