Issue with 0.0.28-2.0.4 on iPad mini

I have had this happen twice now, when flying a mission the display on the iPad freezes. The drone will keep flying the mission and taking picture but the waypoint indicator and the drone location stop moving. Not a terrible thing if you have enough battery to complete the mission. If however the drone needs to return to home to get new a battery when the mission restarts it goes back to wherever the freeze point was now where it stopped taking picture. You could end up re doing much of the mission. The first time this happened it was about 40% done, I ended up repeating about 20% of the mission. Today it was about 30% done.and so I had it return immediately and replaced the battery, it forced a second return when it froze again about 70% of the way through the mission. This time I could not get it to restart the mission and had to give up.

Im using iPad Mini too and having the same problem. Hopefully this problem can be solved as soon as possible.

Hi @Bruce_Teeter and @enchikamer, sorry that you are having issues with this. The current version of the APP is 2.0.6. Have you updated to this version and if so are you having the same issues?

Just updated the SW will try tomorrow and report back. I would have updated first but did not know that there was a new version. I did not check the App store because in general I am Apple phobic, I got the iPad mini for its display. Perhaps a list of the latest version somewhere in the forum or the main page would be usefull

Well tried another flight today and the bad news is that after it went through its flight checks and I sent it up, as soon as it hit altitude the page came on that said do you want to upload your pictures. I took it back to the dashboard and tried to see if it would re enter the flight and it said that it was already performing a mission. As I was doing this the drone proceeded to start the mission. The UI was now on that first screen that shows the programmed altitude and allows you to rotate the flight direction. The waypoint indicator was trying to follow the flight plan and the drone icon, while not visible, seemed to be erasing the display as it followed the flight plan. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to describe the way it looked any better. My concern was that it had lost track of how much battery was left. I have flown this mission several times so I knew when the battery needed to be changed. Once it hit 30% remaining it did display the countdown warning on the bottom of the screen so I could tell when to bring it home which I did with the button on the controller as that button was not displayed on the App.

I put a new battery in and sent it back into the air curious if it would stat over or go back to where it left off. Fortunately it went to where it left off. I have what appears to be a complete set of pictures but will not know for sure until I get them uploaded and processed.

Good news: is that it appears to have finished the mission successfully but will not know for sure until I get the pictures processed.

Bad news; The display problems got worse.

Really bad news is you seem to have a significant Quality Control problem on the iOS app. If you think the Android app is more reliable I will see if I can get an Android pad to work with. I am trying to repeatedly scan the same piece of land once a week for the entire summer so just waiting until you fix this in iOS is a really bad solution. I am currently on the free plan but will not upgrade until you get this fixed on iOS or can assure me it works better on Android.

The iOS app works much better than Android. Android’s USB standard is much less reliable than iOS. We are updating the app today which should resolve a lot of issues. I’m not sure why you saw the photo upload screen though. If you just click the ‘X’ button instead of go to dashboard it will just go away. We’ve also got some new ways for you to resume viewing your mission if you leave the flight page for any reason.

Well I got a chance to try the 2.0.8 version - says it was released on 6/30.

After the drone initially took off at about the point that it reached it’s flying height the screen that said the mission completed displayed. I went back to the dashboard and re entered the flight plan - it told me that a mission was already in progress did I want to continue, I told it yes and it reopened the flight page. At this point the drone had reached its first waypoint and started on it’s mission. On the flight page you could see the position of the drone but the icon for the next waypoint was not visible and the lines connecting the waypoints were also not visible. The live video feed did not display either. I let it proceed until I needed a battery change.

When I restarted the flight it went back to the initial starting point not where it left off. The display was now normal however with the waypoint indicator, the waypoint connecting lines and the video feed all present. It was retracing the path it had already photographed.

I let it go until it needed a battery change again and then restarted it and it competed the second half of the mission.

I will try it again in a week to see if I get that initial problem.

We are improving the resume soon so that it should show you all the information.

That screen shouldn’t be showing up during a flight. We’re looking into it.

Thanks for the feedback.

Well the latest flight was the same as the last with the app going immediately into the upload page when it reached altitude. I tried to immediately recall it so I could start it over and save time and battery but the home key in the app did not work. I was able to recall it with the home button on the DJI controller.

This latests mission also had the freezing display screen problem again. After the battery change about half way through the second portion of the mission the screen froze. The mission continued and completed.

Just flew my Phantom 3 Pro using iPad mini yesterday. Same old problem still happen. The app froze just after 5 minutes flying. My firmware and DD app is already updated to the latest version. Hope this problem can be solved.

Which ipad mini do you have?

Also had similar problems with 0.0.43-2.0.8 on an iPhone 6 Plus yesterday. First the waypoint indicator froze, but I could still see that the camera was taking photos and following the correct path in the upper right. I hit RTH to change batteries. First attempt to resume also ended up going to the upload screen once it reached altitude and I aborted using the DJI RTH. Next attempt, the screen stayed in the flight check screen after I pressed the button. Got some message that it was already in flight mode when I pressed the button again. RTH using DJI controller. I force quit the app and restarted and this time resume worked fine.