Inspire NDVI problems

My first two attempts using a modified Inspire X3 cam yielded very poor results.
I used High overlap and multiple altitudes.
The missions flew flawlessly and all of the 200+ Pics look good, but less than half of the map processed.
DD reps claim to be having issues with modified Inspire cameras.
Anyone having 100% luck and have advice when using the Inspire for NDVI?

Stuck with a many $1000’s investment that doesn’t work…

Thanks in advance,

I hear you man and the only advice I can give you when dealing with DD is use what works. For me it was a Canon S100 and a modifed GoPro both modified for NDVI. My understanding is the NDVI mods for the I1 camera are still fairly new and untested with DD.

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Andrei Taylor

After speaking with the DD folks at the Drone World Expo I was pretty sure there would be no issues. One would think that one of the most popular pieces of hardware would be thoroughly tested and functional.
Hmmmm…any Inspire advice would be much appreciated…with >5k already invested I’d rather not start over.

Thanks all,

If you click on the link below I think you’ll find processing images from after market NDVI cameras is still a project in the works.

Thanks, did all of that before flying. Still no bueno.

Are you using your own camera settings or the default ones we set on the DroneDeploy app?

@FalconAirVistasJeff where did you get your modified X3 from?

it is actually fairly easy to modify. not big deal really. since it is the same as a gorpo you basically have to change the lens only. at peau productions you can get an NDVI modified lens for 260 USD that will work with the X3 - as for the gopro you just remove the UV filter and use a lens without a built in one.
the ribcage is a perfect tool for such task.
as for the X3 I am planing to do that modification to one of my X3 (have two). - at Peau prod they told me that DD will do the coloring and the NDVI lens should be ok. they use a blue filter.

I will test and report back.

What is the point in having NDVI as an option if you need a special camera to get true results? I’m new to all of this is why I ask. Also what about contours, Terrain Contours, Clean ortho and DSM? Are these true results? Why do I not have these options on my drop down list? I only have Ortho, DSM, NDVI Toolbox/Threshold and 3D!

NDVI is basically just a coloring scheme which accents certain portions of the photo. Some users are using this on their RGB imagery for certain use cases. In order to get the most value out of the NDVI imagery you should be using a near infrared camera or a camera that has been modified for it.
The DSM, etc. are true results. Are you a paid user? If so, your maps should now have an elevation toolbox which will allow you to adjust the coloring of the terrain model however you like.

If you need contours and you are a paid user please contact support.

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Thanks for the info. Right now I’m only a free use member until I figure out the basics of the software. So what map should I be able to see with the free model? So you’re saying that the only option that is not true results is the NDVI, but everything else is? I’m looking to do some mapping for new construction, Does construction use NDVI?

Construction shouldn’t find much use for NDVI. The other things you have a real results. If you’re on your first 30 days you have access to all the features a pro users does which might be why you see NDVI. There is a lot of information available on that we constantly update to help new users.

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My 30 day’s has expired but will probably be upgrading to the pro very soon. This is a month to month offering correct? During the 30 day trial, and even 1 session after, the software seems to work very well. I have had no issues, but then again I only flew maybe 4 to 5 times and small areas. Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome!!!

@chasemgray do you know or have any experience with the lens peauproductions sells for NDVI?
I would like to modify one of my two X3 for NDVI as I can have use of it in the long term until the XT gets available for a better price and good version.

Yes, that’s correct- you can choose to have a plan month by month if that works better for you. There is more information about this here :smile:

My X3 was modified by IR-pros, who I believe are affiliated with a few other online companies.

Results were NOT satisfactory for NDVI…just wondering if anyone has any successful with this mod or can recommend an X3 mod that produces acceptable results with DD.

Thanks in advance…

If I have the PRO Plan and I am on a construction site doing a map…how long before I can see the results to show the client? Can I upload the pics from onsite through my tablet or laptop?

You can upload the results onsite, but the processing time depends on the number of images and the size of the images. A 100 image inspire map probably would take a couple hours.

OK.What scale are the maps usually in? Can you change the scales? For example…see the same map in different scales in the software?

What do you mean when you are referring to different scales?