Modified camera recommendation for NVDI

nor sure if this is the right place to ask, but I don’t know a better one…

I want to upgrade my Phantom 3 Advanced with an IR camera camera system for NDVI flights.
I see 2 options: 1) modifying the existing P3A camera, e.g. from, or 2) attaching a second cam such as the Parrot Sequoia or one from

  • Is a modified camera ok? Is the image quality sufficient? It’s basically just another lens?
  • Using a secondary cam would mean that it is not attached to a gimbal (?), so when photos are taken during flight, the cam wouldn’t been horizontally alligned to the ground? Is that a problem?

How is the experience from other user, what is your recommendation?

Your post is a bit old, but I figured I would reply since I have had experience with Sentera’s product line… After having used some of their stuff, I would advise you to steer clear.

  • The image quality is beyond unacceptable. It’s rife with color gradient distortions and rolling shutter. These problems usually render the data unstitchable and utterly useless.

  • Their datasets are HUGE. A 150 acre field is WAY over 1000 photos. The sheer amount of data in a small field is staggering.

Quite candidly, I found the data from Sentera more useless than a pseudo-NDVI generated using a Phantom’s stock camera.